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Living a healthy life is about balancing all areas of your life including exercise, nutrition, and your social life. The "all or nothing" approach is a disaster waiting to happen. Either you're overly restricted and miserable or you're off the wagon and miserable. We prefer the happy medium!

Workout Wine Down is a community for those who want to improve their health & fitness but also enjoy a balanced life. We are not promoting drinking alcohol, but we believe you can enjoy some drinks in moderation while maintaining your good health. Promising wine was also a great way to get my friends to actually come workout. 

Living a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable! That's the only way you will maintain it for the rest of your life. By bringing people together, making workouts simple and fun, and enjoying some wine with each other, we can change the way people look at "healthy."

work first, wine later


To educate and empower women through workouts, health discussions, and wining down together.

Meet Amelia

South Florida native, personal trainer, & founder of Workout Wine Down.

I've found it very difficult to be consistent with workouts and a healthy diet. There's an "all or nothing" mentality that creates either unhealthy restricting or a lack of self care. My goal is to make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable through balance and creating healthy habits. Personally, I love working out and eating healthy. However, I also enjoy having some drinks and eating more indulgent foods. Can't we have it both ways? I say yes.

I've started numerous unrealistic workout programs or restrictive diets and fell off in less than week because it wasn't maintainable. Workouts should be realistic, meals should be simple, and life should be enjoyable.

I hope to encourage others to be healthier & happier through a balanced lifestyle!